"The Year's Best Drama Web Series" - Indiewire

"Whatever this is. looks and sounds better than almost anything on TV right now, but it’s the storytelling talent involved in the production that truly shines here."                                Spindle Magazine

"Brilliantly-written, well-acted, and witty" - Celebuzz

"Hilarious and heartbreaking"       - Flavorwire

"The new bohemian struggle-fest"         - The New Yorker

"Such emotional range can now be expected from Goldman, whose previous web show, The Outs, was a laugh-cry-think-real-hard sort of series" - Out

"Addicting and endearing"           - Towleroad

"The Hot NYC Series That’s Taking the Internet By Storm"                             - Huffington Post

"Remember when Adam Goldman made The Outs and everyone lost their shit because it was so, so amazing? Well he’s at it again with Whatever this is." - Thought Catalog